Taylor Locksmiths

The Focus

Taylor Locksmiths is a privately owned business that specialises in door fittings and emergency lockouts, however their issue was that there was another competitor with the exact same name which made it tricky to show visibilty on Google Maps, to the point where customers were struggling to find them to leave a review.

Specifically our objective was to:

1. Optimise current website
2. Create a gateway for reviews
3. Improve local SEO visibility

The Strategy

Over the course of 3 months, we prioritised the following:


The previous website didn’t function in the way it was intended to. The ‘review’ nav link directed to a contact form, the website was text heavy and the social & contact icons were dead links!

We needed to do a complete clean up, making sure all links directed to the right pages, but also displayed their services into digestable sections accompanied with images to show the positive results from each service. Another point of difference was to reveal Taylor Locksmith’s value proposition, in which was:

  • Price – £75 incl first hour of service
  • Approachable – Over-the-phone quote
  • Regulated – DBS & MLA Certified

Therefore we highlighted those key benefits, making a clear distinction between primary and secondary CTAs..

Review Management
The other issue we faced was Taylor Locksmith’s visibility online. Due to having a competitor with the exact same name and stronger domain authority, the client’s current customers found it difficult to leave reviews as they kept finding the competitor.

We therefore integrated a Google reviews feed, with the option to write a review on their website. This widget has worked really well and generated positive feedback, as it was an easier user experience for customers to find.

Local SEO
With their branded search term ‘taylor locksmith’ already being in competition, we needed to strengthen their generic searches.

As they’re a mobile business, we took down all the areas that they would service within the UK and plugged in the coordinates within Google Maps. This would help any user who searches ‘locksmith near me’ or ‘locksmith in x location’ would show the client’s business page if they were within the service areas.

Another obstacle to overcome was Google’s alogrythm for showcasing the business on Google Maps. Even though they’re a mobile business, Google still needed a home/business address for it to qualify and be visible within their catchment area. We therefore set up a business address make sure you have a clear facing sign post of the business for Google to qualify it, and once we got this over the line, Taylor Locksmiths was visibile across multiple areas on Google Maps.

The Results

As a result of the implemented changes, our efforts achieved:


New Site Visitors


More Monthly Calls/Enquiries


5 Star Google Reviews

Categories: SEO, Website
Author: Visual-Pixel Digital
Client: Therapy with Divina
Date: May 2, 2023