The Focus

PRITCH London is a luxury cosmopolitan fashion brand with a primary focus on sustainabily sourced, couture leather items designed in London; A relatively new brand in the luxury market who were looking to capitalise on awareness and sales within their e-commerce vertical.

The USP was much about creating a cutting-edge look, combining sophistication with non-comformist, rebellious yet refined and hand-made in Italy. Additionally, some of the items are customisable with personalisation embroided on some of their corset belts which was their best seller.

Because PRITCH are in the luxury market, it meant that the opportunity for high volumes of sales were limiting and wanted to explore the best route to capitalising this niche market whilst keeping efficient cost & a positive ROAS.

To summarise, our objective was to:

1. CRO on Product Pages
2. Target Key Audiences
3. Optimise Social Ad Performance

The Strategy

Over the course of 3 months, we prioritized the following:


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

  • In order to understand their current audience, we needed to track their user behaviour via heatmaps on clicks to determine highest area of interest as well has screen recording individual journeys to understand how many steps they take before committing to a soft/hard goal. We could see that all users understood their proposition however due to their high price point, there was a longer consideration phase as shown via out individual user explorer tracking via GA. Due to this, we emphasised on retargeting to get as many people back into the funnel as a reminder to purchase whilst considering.
  • Survey questions were also added to the site as a small pop-up feature depending on their scrolling %, asking a few questions on their demographic info and their intentions of the website, whether they were looking to buy, did they find what they’re looking for?, if it for themselves or as a gift. These answers gave us primary direction what campaigns are best for this audience, as well as capturing demographic data outside of the IOS-14 tracking limitations.

A/B Split Testing

With our hypothesis based on the tracking indicators, we performed A/B tests to understand what image style worked best for CTR% and whether we should display our products as lifestyle imagery vs product imagery.

Social Advertising

  • Analyse historical campaign data via Ad Manager to determine best & worst performances with purchase results, cost per result and ROAS


  • Restructure the account, splitting campaigns from Brand Awareness videos to generate as much traffic at a lower cost to site, Retargeting which allows us to recapture those drop offs from the initial traffic to remind them about their purchase behaviour e.g. add to bag reminders and Prospect campaigns where we combine audiences from Lookalikes, Detailed Targets and narrowed these targets based on specific geo terrotories with high affluency to focus purely on high intent audiences.


  • We also looked at what promotion aspects can we employ into our ads such as Black Friday, gifting discounts and a competition to generate the ‘urge’ to purchase within a given period. We could see the appetite within our target audience as we achieved 942 leads in 1 month.

Master Report Dashboards

PRITCH run a lot of third party tools and can be difficult to review performance from a holistic view point when you have to login to multiple report accounts and analyse each dashboard.

Therefore using Looker Studio we created a master dashboard which was split up into multiple sheets:

  • Shopify
  • Google Analytics
  • Meta Ads
  • Klaviyo (Email)
  • PPC
  • Audience (specific reports on demographics)

Each of these sheets were bespoke to the client needs with full flexibility to filter between different campaigns, channels, demographics with the respective graphs to illustrate positive/negative trajectory.

Another bonus to these reports are that it’s a live feed so will not need updated and can be filtered to any data range as well as comparison dates to measure monthly/quarterly and annual performance.

The Results

As a result of the implemented changes, our efforts achieved:


Bounce Rate




Transactions in the Last Month


Cost Per Result BF



Categories: CRO, PPC, SEO, Social Ads
Author: Visual-Pixel Digital
Client: PRITCH London
Date: December 4, 2022