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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an essential marketing channel for any business and our dedicated team helps your website dominate in online search. That’s why improving your visibility and ranking high on Google and Bing will have a real impact on your bottom line through our range of SEO services. Our approach to achieving this consists of the following:

Improve Content Quality
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SEO Services

Technical SEO

One of the most important aspects of any successful search campaign.

When we view a website, we look at everything in the front-end as that’s what the customer is facing, however with Google, they review your website from the back-end, looking at the coding elements which can seem daunting.

Our team offers an end-to-end technical audit on your website, including SEO consultancy and recommendations to give you the best chance, whether it’s H1 tagging or link building for Google to understand your site in its next site crawl. Poor technical health can often lead to a negative impact on all areas of your site, hampering  rank positioning and customer usability.

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On-page Content Optimisation

Good content and SEO work together hand in hand. If you don’t have high quality content that’s relevant to what search engines are looking for, then your rankings will remain low. However we want to keep readability at a good level for people to stick on your website.

Our first step would be to conduct keyword research and understand what words and phrases are being used within Google and Bing that’s relevant to your business and optimise these keywords within your content.

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What We Do

Technical SEO Audit

Full Google index & web health check, reviewing on-page keywords, page speed maintenance and potential broken pages.

Keyword Research

Using keyword planner tools to analyse the market with trending topics and competitor keywords that are relevant to your business.

Backlink Authority Analysis

Reviewing inbound links from external sources to understand what factors are contributing to ranking and domain authority.

Meta Data Optimisation

Optimise H1 & H2 titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags and url taxonomy to organise content structure and indexing.

On-page Content Consultation

One-on-one support reviewing current content pages, discussing opportunities to strengthen keywords for higher search rankings.

Search Ranking Report

Detailed monthly report featuring a site maintenance update and performance on keyword rankings with an executive summary alongside recommendations.

SEO Consulting

Receive specialised guidance and recommendations from our leading SEO consultants.

Website SEO Migration

Maintain search engine visibility when making changes to your website or URL structure.

eCommerce SEO

Outrank your competitors and elevate your online sales, leading to maximised revenue

SEO Process

How does it work?

Our approach to PPC management goes beyond mere speculation. It combines data analysis driven by insights and technical expertise. The ultimate aim is to generate tangible and lasting results, ensuring a meaningful impact on your business.

1. Discover

Initiating a successful SEO campaign starts with familiarizing ourselves with your business or brand in the initial consultation.

2. Research

Our team will perform a thorough SEO analysis of your industry and competitors to pinpoint areas for enhancement.

3. Plan

Leveraging insights collected in the discovery and research phases, VP Digital’s SEO specialists will generate a steady stream of high-quality traffic.

4. Implement

Once we’ve walked you through your updated strategy, our team will actively execute the enhancements and modifications we’ve outlined.

5. Optimise & Report

VP-Digital will oversee your campaign, diligently striving to elevate your rankings and improve conversion rates.


SEO is an accessible and flexible digital marketing service, making it well-suited to SMEs and startups looking to increase their visibility and improve their online presence. Even the most basic SEO strategy can help boost your website’s search rankings and enable the targeting of relevant audiences, resulting in more qualified leads and conversions.

The term SEO encompasses a wide variety of techniques, all geared towards improving search rankings and driving organic traffic to your website. Popular SEO tactics include:

  • Implementing a well-researched, targeted keyword strategy
  • Building a diverse, high quality portfolio of backlinks (both internal and external)
  • Creating high-quality, optimised content
  • Optimising meta titles and descriptions for user intent
  • User experience (UX) improvements, ensuring fast load speeds, quality design, and responsiveness across all platforms

SEO is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy, making it a popular service for startups looking to grow their business online. GLO’s SEO specialists recommend the following tips for those looking to devise and implement a successful SEO strategy:

  • Conduct extensive keyword and competitor research, driven by user intent. Consider not just the terms and phrases you’d like your website and pages to rank for – but what your target audience are searching for.
  • Find high-quality, reputable links that are relevant to your industry and products/services to include within your website’s copy. This should help develop a strong portfolio of backlinks, giving your website more authority.
  • Don’t neglect technical SEO. Ensure your website is fully responsive, quick to load, and offers a great user experience across all devices and platforms.
  • Ensure your online presence is consistent – this is especially important when adding information to directory listings, such as Google My Business.
  • Regularly post valuable, sharable, and optimised content, created with user intent in mind.

WordPress is an innovative web design/development platform – and just so happens to be one of the most SEO-friendly options out there. Here are some of our top tips for optimising your WordPress site for search:

  • Ensure your web hosting service is reliable and offers a suitable loading speed
  • If using a theme, select a theme that’s optimised for search engine
  • Utilise and install SEO plugins such as Yoast
  • Develop and implement clear, descriptive permalink structures
  • Use relevant headers to organise your site and content
  • Include relevant internal and external links throughout your website’s content
  • Compress your images to optimise loading speed. Use alt tags to ensure search engine crawlers can correctly interpret them
  • Write relevant content with your audience’s search intent in mind

As a full-service SEO agency, we’re pleased to offer a comprehensive selection of SEO services, providing maximum flexibility and a diverse range of affordable SEO solutions. During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your business objectives, before devising a bespoke SEO strategy that’s aligned to your specific needs.

As all of our services are tailored to your unique online marketing requirements, please get in touch to discuss pricing.

SEO is an ongoing process, requiring continued fine-tuning and investment to achieve and maintain optimum results. While technical SEO tactics can yield tangible results within days, content, on-page, and off-page optimisation services can take weeks (or even months!) to be indexed and take effect. There are numerous factors affecting how long it will take for your website to rank, including the age of your website, domain authority, competition, backlink profiles, and previous SEO penalties. For this reason, when devising an SEO strategy it’s important to clearly define ‘success’, using key performance indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate progress, alongside long-term campaign goals. By setting measurable and realistic targets, you’ll have a clear idea of how well your SEO strategy is working.