FRAHM Jackets

The Focus

FRAHM Jackets is a family-founded company that makes tailored premium jackets for men that are functional as well as stylish. What’s interesting with FRAHM is that their jackets need to be pre-ordered 6 months in advance as they’re known for their quality, longevity and attention to detail which has built a respectable reputation.

As with all companies, the transition from Universal Analytics to GA4 has disrupted tracking and the reports we were used to seeing in UA has now changed from behavioral tracking to event based. This transition unfortunately isn’t automatic and needs a migration plan to make sure data is accurate between their transactions and revenue in Shopify to GA4.

To summarise, our objective was to:

1. GA4 Data
2. Data Flow
3. Custom

The Strategy

Over the course of 6 weeks, we prioritized the following:

Tracking setup (GTM)

  • The first thing we noticed was that the current setup within Shopify was G.Tag, alongside multiple external scripts for their third party applications, however this method can cause issues with page loading speeds and restricts us to create custom tags for event tracking.
  • We therefore needed to implement Google Tag Manager which should be a straightforward process by implementing the GTM script to the backend of Shopify, however the e-commerce tool has recently changed its documentation where they’ve removed a specific file that the script needed to be implemented into. As a workaround, we managed to implement a third party tool called analyzify which seamlessly integrates Google tools for Shopify merchants via a custom pixel setup into GTM
  • Thankfully this worked, and we could see events fired for purchase transactions and revenue so the best practice thereafter was to let the data flow for the next couple of days to make sure there were no complications with any future orders on the site.

Data Studio Report

As well as making sure previous reports in Universal Analytics were also factored into GA4, we created additional dashboards within Data Studio, making it easier for the client to retrieve bespoke analytics that can easily be filtered by date range, source/medium and device. These dashboards covered the following:

  • Campaign Performance Dashboard
  • SEO Traffic
  • YTD Conversions
  • Mobile Dashboard
  • Website Traffic
  • Traffic Medium

The Results

As a result of the implemented changes, our efforts achieved:


GA4 Migration Accuracy


Custom Reports


Third Party Tracking

Category: CRO
Author: Visual-Pixel Digital
Client: FRAHM Jackets
Date: July 6, 2023