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As a lead-ing generation agency in the UK, VP-Digital understands the challenges of all business sizes trying to source high-quality leads. Our innovative B2B and B2C lead generation services aim to address this issue. Whether you’re seeking to reduce cost and free up time for resources or require solutions to convert leads into sales, we have the answers.

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Benefits of Lead Gen Services

B2C Lead Gen

Our B2C lead generation attracts and engages new customers ahead of the competition with effective lead gen campaigns that target all industries connect your business with the relevant customers who are interested in your product of service.

Here are the key benefits to acquiring B2C lead gen for your business:

  • Improve visibility
  • Reach potential customers
  • Network building
  • Feedback from relevant audience
  • Stay ahead of competitors

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B2B Lead Gen

Our B2B lead generation campaigns target your desired profile of audience across every sector, ensuring your products or service are in front of the right decision makers.

Here are the key benefits for B2B lead gen services:

  • Improve visibility
  • Engage prospects
  • Educate buyers
  • Build a valuable community

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Lead Management SystemMultivariate (MVT) Testing

By using a bespoke lead management system, you can keep track of the full end-to-end process including contact forms, calls, SMS, live chat and direct message to make everything easier to manage in one platform so you won’t miss a single lead, forget to follow up a conversation and removes all admin tasks from multiple sources.

Here are some advantages to using a lead management system:

  • Speedy call backs with alert systems
  • Dashboards showing a clear picture
  • Leaderboards for Sales reps
  • Reduces time and resource on admin
  • Automated follow up messages
  • Call Tracking
  • Branded for all companies

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What We Do

Lead Generation Strategy

Tailored in-depth plans to attract and capture qualified leads efficiently.

Targeted Audience Research

Detailed analysis to identify and engage with the ideal prospects effectively

Content Marketing Campaigns

Engaging content strategies and bespoke landing pages to drive leads

Conversion Optimisation

Refine your processes to maximise your lead-to-customer rate and improve your ROI.

Automated Lead Nurturing

Streamline workflows and nurture leads through personalised messaging and timely interactions.

Performance Dashboards

Comprehensive analytics that give insights to sales performance and optimise lead generation efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Process

1. Discover

Our lead gen specialists will develop a comprehensive understanding of you, your audience, and your offering to devise a successful lead-gen strategy.

2. Attract

Building bespoke landing pages or web pages will bring your lead magnet to life , ensuring optimum functionality and great UX.

3. Engage

Having secured their interest, we create a steady stream of relevant messages to your prospects and deliver their details to your business in real-time.

4. Convert

Form optimisation to deliver bookings, event registrations or product sales, we’ll channel your audience towards the action you desire.

Lead Generation FAQ's

There are a million ways out there to get more customers for your business – but, as a digital marketing agency, we’re biased! We believe the best possible way to get your business and turn browsers into buyers is to develop a standout online presence and comprehensive marketing campaign designed to drive relevant traffic and get more leads – even for those working within a restricted budget.

Whatever your business size and objectives, our experts recommend implementing a custom mix of SEO, web design/updates, CRO, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and more to suit your business and audience – getting your name and products in front of the right people at the right time in the right place.

A lead magnet, put simply, is a free item or service provided with the aim of attracting leads (the contact details of parties potentially interested in a purchase related to said item or service). For example, a subscription box company may create a lead magnet in the form of a free trial package – and in the process, obtain the recipient’s marketing consent, address, and email address, meaning they may contact them in the future, or simply with the aim to convert them during their trial. This also applies to magnets created and distributed with similar intentions, including white papers, e-books, and free consultations.

Magnets, when used ethically, are a great way to obtain a large number of inbound leads. To discover other inbound lead generation tactics, and how they would work for your business, reach out to VP-Digital for a free, no-obligation consultation.

How exactly your pay per lead (or ‘PPL’) contract will work depends on the lead generation agency you’re partnering with, however, excluding the fine print, the service essentially boils down to this:

Pay per lead is a lead generation agreement or payment plan in which the client pays a lead generator (often a dedicated agency) a pre-determined commission for each ‘lead’ (an individual or company showing explicit interest in the advertised business, product, or service) generated and passed on. At VP-Digital, should you opt for a pay-per-lead service, we’ll work with you to arrange a costing agreement designed to suit your unique needs.

In general, the pay-per-lead model allows organisations of all sizes to access high-quality leads without the risk of low-quality/cold leads and the commitment of additional fees.

The cost of a lead generation campaign is dependent on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) budget, platforms and tools used, and whether or not a lead generation agency such as VP-Digital is involved. In addition to this, many lead generation agencies offer different payment formats, including pay per lead, cost per booking, and revenue share.

It’s important to consider that though an organic lead generation campaign may seem like a more expensive or lengthier process than simply buying leads, or doing nothing at all, optimised campaigns are designed specifically to deliver the best ROI possible. When correctly implemented by professionals, they have the potential to generate high-quality, qualified leads, bringing in individuals genuinely interested in your business’ service or products, ultimately covering their own cost.

VP-Digital offers a range of lead-gen-focused digital marketing services at a range of prices, alongside a comprehensive, cost-effective inbound lead generation service on a pay-per-lead basis. Contact our team of friendly experts today to learn more, or for a free consultation.

Lead generation can be a complex, time-consuming, and frustrating process for businesses big and small – especially when being done in-house or using traditional cold outreach methods. This is where lead generation agencies and companies come into play – taking on the responsibility of sourcing valuable prospects with expertise and ease.

Put simply, these agencies complete every aspect of the lead generation process on your behalf – submitting their end product (a list of qualified leads) at defined points within the process. Common lead sources for lead generation agencies can include public records, trade references and publications, and social media.

At VP-Digital, however, we do things differently. Our strong focus on delivering high-quality, inbound leads has led us to develop a unique pay-per-lead service, in which we develop a lead-generation website on your behalf and obtain hot contacts through voluntary sign-ups, bringing highly interested prospects directly to you – maximising your bottom line, and minimising demoralising hang-ups, rejections, and wasted time. We simply create and launch your chosen asset before referring contact form sign-ups, phone calls, and email inquiries straight to your office – giving you the connections you crave without the cost or hassle of launching your own site.

If you’re in the market for lead generation and want to ensure your campaign performs to the best possible standard, contact VP-Digital today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

You can choose how you pay for your leads:

  • Pay-Per-Lead - Flexible pay-per-lead campaigns to get quality leads with minimal risk
  • Cost Per Booking - Pay for the appointment bookings we secure
  • Revenue-Share - VP-Digital provides the leads, for a share of the revenue
  • Combination - Combine our three pricing models to create a payment plan that works for you