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What does digital branding mean to your business?

In the fast-paced online environment, the initial moments are crucial for creating a lasting impression. No matter how exceptional your business may be, subpar branding can inadvertently convey an unprofessional image, suggesting corners are cut, or a lack of attention to detail.

Whether you’re embarking on a new brand journey or seeking a revitalisation, Visual Pixel Digital’s adept graphic designers bring a breath of fresh air to your brand. Crafting a distinctive visual identity tailored for diverse media and devices, our designs aim to captivate your target audience and yield tangible results for your business.

Discover Your Tone of Voice

Being too “brandy” can be off-putting to consumers. We make sure messages are authentic to enhance reputation.

Be Noticeable, Stay Memorable

Rise above the noise and make sure your brand sticks in peoples’ minds such as logos, imagery & messaging.

Redefining the Brand

A defined brand strategy helps focus in the right direction; What’s the objective? Who are your customers?

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Digital Branding services

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Creative Logo & Digital Brand Design

Designing eye-catching brands, whether it’s digital for websites, social media or even business cards, our bold creative concepts bring strategies to life, focussing on the smallest detail all the way through to complete user journeys.

Here are the key benefits on what you can expect from our creative team to implement your designs:

  • Start up concepts (Business name & tagline ideas)
  • Modern, Clean, Simple, Descriptive and High-Quality Logo
  • 100% Satisfaction
  • Frequent and Professional Communication
  • Free guidelines to maintain consistency across digital branding

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Website Design & Development

Preferred choice of web design/development amongst our clients is WordPress which is fast, easy to use and has limitless functionality. Whether you’re an SME brand with an e-commerce shop or just want an informative website to show your portfolio, WordPress is multi-faceted and we develop countless themes to cater to your industry to make sure you look professional amongst the competition.

Our mission at Visual-Pixel is to give your current website a new lease of life that’s responsive across all platforms and devices and optimised for search engines to boost those ranking positions that ultimately drive the right traffic for your target audience.

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Photography & Videography

Our photographers and videographers provide a range of services for many notable, award winning Brands, Personalities and Advertising Clients. We strive to meet professional standards, including lighting, sound and tracking equipment that helps produce high quality 4K images/video.

Our Photography services include:

  • Editorial
  • Advertising
  • Food & Drink
  • Social & Email
  • Editing
  • YouTube

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2D & 3D Animation

If you struggle to advertise your product or have a complex software that you need to demo? We partner your company with highly talented and experienced motion graphics designers trained in your industry to animate your brand.

Here’s an overview of some of the services we offer:

  • Animated Explainer Videos
  • Character Designs
  • Commercials
  • Visual Effects (VFX)

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What We Do

Logo Design

Professional modern logo design that’s simple yet effective to elevate your business, leaving an ever-lasting impression.

Web & E-Commerce Design

Custom eye-catching websites, responsive across all browsers and devices which can also be designed for landing pages.


Experienced lifestyle and product photographers whether it’s to refresh your instagram or improve your Amazon product listings.

Web Development

Full stack websites, dynamic & responsive using multiple WordPress themes and coded using html, CSS, PHP and JavaScript.


Creating high quality 4K video content that matches your brand, theme and style with ease. We also include editing with this service.


Our team of illustrators, animators, 2D & 3D artists are trained to match your requirements and desired levels of quality.

Design & Branding Process

How does it work?

At Visual-Pixel Digital, thoughtful consideration precedes action. As a branding agency driven by data, we delve deep into understanding every facet of your business, audience, and competitors. This comprehensive insight guides us in the creation, redefinition, or refreshing of your brand.

1. Discover

Our team of branding specialists will formulate a brand strategy that mirrors your values and resonates with your target customer.

2. Brainstorm

Our will brainstorm ideas and visuals centered around concepts relevant to your business, allowing us to go in your preferred creative direction.

3. Design & Develop

After your approval of the logo and color scheme, our designers will advance the development of your visual identity with brand guidelines.

4. Create & Launch

Upon the completion of your brand, you’ll can apply your new visual identity consistently across all brand channels and communications.

Branding FAQs

Building a brand identity is no easy process, but really does pay off in the long run – we promise! Whether you choose to undertake this mammoth task yourself or hire an expert to do the heavy lifting, you’ll likely bear witness to at least some of the following milestones when forging your brand’s unique image:

  • Colour palette selection: The colours you select at the very start of your brand-building journey will have a significant influence over every other aspect of your guidelines, so choose carefully! If you choose to work with an experienced branding agency, they should be able to fill you in on the meanings and psychology behind the swatches.
  • Logo: Designing a logo suitable for use across your website, print, socials, stationary, and more is an all-important aspect of establishing or rebranding your business. Ensure it’s versatile, recognisable, on-brand, and, of course, in the right format!
  • Typography: Though frequently overlooked, your font selections are just as important as the other visual elements of your site.

Depending on your unique requirements, factors including photography, illustration, iconography, and even data visualisation might also be considered at this point!

Put simply, brand guidelines are a predetermined collection of standards designed to regulate how your brand is represented – ensuring consistency across the board. Ironically, there are no set rules when it comes to the format of these guidelines – with some companies simply putting together a brief, one-page document, and others composing a booklet as long as a novel!

However you choose to present your brand guidelines, they may include (but aren’t limited to) logos and logo usage, margins and sizing, colour palettes, file formats, tone of voice, typography, icons, photography, letterheads, and other design elements.

Composing a fully comprehensive brand guidelines document can be hugely time-consuming for business owners and employees alike – making graphic design and branding agencies a popular option.

Creating a set of brand guidelines can be a big investment – both for businesses just getting off the ground and for those retracing their steps and starting fresh. With this being said, there is also an abundance of cost-effective options on the market. Ultimately, the exact cost of branding is determined by the exact requirements of the client – with cheap options from freelance hosts like Fiverr widely available. However, our experts highly recommend consulting a professional branding agency for further security, guaranteed professionalism, and beautiful results delivered by experienced specialists.

In order to determine an approximate cost for your brand guideline document, why not get in touch with VP-Digital for a free consultation? We can’t wait to hear your story.

Projects as creative as graphic design are near boundless in terms of both project briefing and results, making it impossible to suggest even an average timescale! Ultimately, the amount of time it’ll take to get your project from idea to completion is almost completely determined by your overarching objectives and the desired result – however, factors such as the designer or design agency you select can also play a significant part in speed.

The good news, regardless of project scale or complexity, is that clients can help speed things along where needed. If you’d like to ensure your design is finished ASAP, be sure to provide your designer or agency with a full, accurate brief, and timely feedback where required.

In order to get your graphic design or branding project off the ground, you’ll most likely need to get in touch with a designer. There are a number of ways to do this – with the main two being hiring a freelancer (either via direct contact or through a freelance ‘marketplace’ such as Fiverr), or reaching out to a graphic design agency.

Whilst individual freelancers can be highly skilled, they’re generally best suited to small, one-off projects such as logo design. On the other hand, creative agencies are highly suited to both small and large projects, working on either a one-off or repeat basis to craft high-quality projects from concept to delivery.

Composed of a collection of industry specialists, the right graphic design agency should be able to fulfil a client’s every design requirement.