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Our paid media team at Visual Pixel will fulfil an account audit to help meet your objectives: visibility, brand awareness, lead generation or online sales. We understand running paid activity with Google Ads or Bing Ads is never a one stop service and our commitment to steadily growing your account with careful ppc management helps businesses achieve the best results. Our strategic mission consists of the following:

Extensive Keyword
Target Lookalike
Leads or Sales
Keeping Costs Low
within Budget

Key Benefits of PPC

There are over 30 – 50 billion searches on Google every single day with 51% of all vistors driving B2B & B2C search activity. Depending on the level of competition and size of the market share, it can prove to be difficult gaining enough visibility on Google’s search results.

Here are the key benefits to implementing PPC into your marketing strategy:

  • Quick entry into market for SMEs
  • Measurable & Trackable
  • Control over budget
  • Incredible targeting options
  • Enhances multi-channel efforts

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Google Ads Campaign Types

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Google & Bing AdWords

Creating high performing PPC campaigns across search and display advertising, allowing to promote a product or services when a user searches using relevant keywords. Our PPC team uses a combination of technological insights to increase visibility and sales, resulting in a profitable CPA.

Search campaigns can help utilise budgets according to the business goal. For instance driving more traffic to your website or increasing sales, you only pay when there’s an interaction which is why it’s called Pay-Per-Click.

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Digital Display Advertising

In short, the Google Display Network allows your ads to appear on a set of websites. More specifically GDN comprised of over 2 million websites and 90% of internet users, so in essence your ads will face a larger audience pool.

The main purpose of using display ads is either to target people who have an interest in your product or retarget them based on their recent search. This method is very effective; targeting your ads to the right person, in the right place at exactly the right moment.

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Google Shopping

Shopping ads include product information, product image, name and price. Based on the product details that you submit in the Merchant Data Center, the adverts will show to people searching for products within your criteria. Our advanced strategies for maximising performance depend on the following:

Search Query – Products with brand names as well as the product name, can help narrow the search for your product. Also it can be used as an exclusion list to prevent your ads from showing under other brand names affecting your competition.

Competitive Pricing – If your products are overprice in comparison to  you competitors, the paid ads will not show as often. A study shows that making prices more competitive saw a +231% increase in impressions.

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Custom Dashboards

It can be overwhelming to either understand the default dashboards created by Google or Microsoft. Therefore we ask our clients on the KPIs that are important to their business in which we build custom dashboards that can be filtered via:

  • Display Ads
  • Search
  • Shopping ads
  • Search Network with Display
  • Video

In addition, we create this as a live feed in Looker Studio (formerly known as Data Studio), so the client can also set date ranges & comparisons when reviewing performance.

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What We Do

PPC Campaign Management

Audit trail of your existing campaign structure or help setup a new account with SWOT analysis included.

Google AdWords

Advertisers bid to display text ads, service offerings, product listings, or videos to web users on Google search.

Microsoft Bing Ads

A service that provides pay per click advertising, mainly for the professional B2B market.

Programmatic Display Ads

A visual display ad that is dynamic to show an ad to a specific customer type, in a specific context.

Remarketing Ads

Enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site which can have a high conversion rate.

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are ads that include rich product information such as a product image, price & merchant name.

YouTube Ads

Showcase video ads on the world’s second most popular website, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

Performance Max

Maximise campaign performance with goal-based automation and targeting, incorporating specific objectives.

Google App Ads

Promote your iOS or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, and broaden your app’s reach.

Google Ads Management Process

Our approach to PPC management goes beyond mere speculation. It combines data analysis driven by insights and technical expertise. The ultimate aim is to generate tangible and lasting results, ensuring a meaningful impact on your business.

1. Discover

The initial phase of a successful Google Ads campaign involves understanding your business, target audience, and offerings.

2. Research

Keyword and competitor analysis often leads to strategic breakthroughs. Using surveilance tools, our Ad experts will identify areas for advancement.

3. Target & Plan

We’ll collaborate with you or member of the relevant team to target demographics laying the foundation for effective Google Ads campaigns.

4. Create & Launch

Carfting original and attractive ad copy that are highly relevant to your target audience with a bespoke landing page ready to drive sales or leads.

5. Optimise Campaigns

We ensure your PPC campaign continually evolves by leveraging collected data and optimising every element of your campaign.

Google Ad FAQs

The process of uploading your campaign to Google is relatively instantaneous (bar campaigns undergoing auditing by Google), meaning that with PPC, you’ll generally begin to see results straight away. This is what makes it so popular with organisations seeking fast, strong results (and part of what makes it so great in our eyes here at VP Digital)!

With this being said, optimising your campaign is a different story. In order to achieve the best possible results, you’ll need to test and adjust your campaign according to the data it collects post-launch – meaning that the best possible results will take a little longer to achieve.

Google Ads is a highly effective PPC or ‘pay-per-click’ advertising platform. Its popularity can be attributed to a long list of reasons, however, its main draws include its bidding system (and resultant suitability for most budgets), inbuilt optimisation tools, huge captive audience, extensive reach (ads are typically placed in search results and across the Google Display Network) and unique level of control over targeted keywords, segments, and spend per period.

Thanks to the above features, when implemented by professionals, Google Ads campaigns can be an extremely cost-effective way to harness search intent, drive traffic, and generate high-quality leads – making them a popular choice for businesses of any scale.

PPC stands for pay-per-click – a popular model of online marketing allowing advertisers to upload ads, and, as its name suggests, pay-per-click received! A fast way to get products and services in front of large audiences, PPC is thought to offer a more immediate return on investment compared to organic optimisation methods, although this convenience comes at an added cost. Pay-per-click campaigns generally cost more to maintain than long-term SEO, and must be managed carefully to avoid running up large costs or burning out budgets in a matter of days.

With this being said, experienced PPC agencies like VP Digital can help manage and optimise your PPC campaigns, keeping costs low and conversion rates high through continuous assessment of ROAS.

There’s a reason PPC advertising is so popular! Helping businesses of all scales achieve their marketing goals, from increased brand exposure to lead generation – PPC platforms such as Google Ads offer a near-endless list of benefits, including:

  • Campaign speed – PPC is one of the fastest ways to get your business, product, or service in front of the right audience, often besting long-term digital marketing strategies such as SEO in the race for results.
  • Tracking and management – Looking for a digital marketing strategy set to provide you with endless, insightful data and opportunities for campaign optimisation? PPC is the way to go.
  • Audience targeting – Segmentation is key to reaching the right audience. PPC platform/tool developers know this and offer extensive tools for segmentation and testing, designed to ensure your message is seen by ideal recipients.
  • Budget flexibility – PPC’s unique format allows individuals and professionals to retain tight control over campaign budgets, with the ability to set and alter budgets and bids in accordance with performance.

Many small business owners believe running a successful Google ads campaign is out of their budget and reach – but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Whilst it’s correct that a big budget can help get your campaign in front of the right eyes with relative ease, a small spend can be just as effective when optimised correctly thanks to Google Ads’ flexible management tools and analytics! That’s right – as with most things in digital marketing, the key to success with Google Ads is staying on top of your stats, ensuring that every element of your strategy is performing as intended and as cost-effectively as possible. That’s where industry experts come in.

For small businesses looking to establish and build an online presence quickly whilst staying within budget, digital marketing agencies specialising in PPC are generally the way to go. Their experts will take on the responsibility of setting up and running campaigns across selected networks (e.g. Google Shopping for e-commerce), working to ensure relevance, reach, and cost-effectiveness from pre-launch onwards using Google Ads’ cost-control and targeting measures.

For further advice regarding whether or not Google Ads would be a suitable digital marketing strategy for your small business, get in touch with VP Digital. We’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!

Whether Google or Facebook ads are best for your business is down to a few factors – primarily your goals and audience. For those looking to raise brand awareness, build a large online following, or with a body of existing fans across one or a number of platforms, social media ads may be the right choice. Alternatively, for those looking to generate sales and leads for specific products or services receiving high search volumes, Google ads tend to be the way to go. Many of our clients balance both Google ads and social media ads to effectively promote their businesses.

If you’re unsure of which advertising platform best fits your business and objectives, get in touch with VP-Digital. Our PPC experts will be happy to make appropriate suggestions.

‘How much does a Google Ads campaign cost’ is the first question many of our prospective clients ask. Unfortunately, there’s no simple ‘one-size-fits-all’ answer. Whilst GLO’s campaign set-up cost sits at a £400 flat rate – our fees (a minimum of £150 per month) for Google Ads management are billed as a percentage (20%) of our clients’ overall media spends, meaning that with us, your budget will ultimately determine the overall cost of our services.

If you’d like to establish exactly how much a fully managed Google Ads campaign would cost your business, or simply want to learn more about our award-winning PPC services, get in touch with VP Digital via the contact form above for a free, no-obligation consultation.