Jolán Face Clinic

The Focus

Facial aesthetics clinic: Jolán Face Clinic were looking to increase qualified leads and returning customers as they noticed a dip in enquiries due to the economy. One of their USPs was multiple payment options where you can spread the cost for upto 12 months which would adjust the expenses to around £30 a month. Treatments include: Microblading, Sclerotherapy, Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers, Skin Boosers, Fat Dissolving, Filler Dissolving and Vitamin Injections.

Specifically our objective was to:

1. Develop a branded website
2. Focus on flexible payments as USP
3. Increase Qualified Leads

The Strategy

Over the course of a month, we prioritized the following:


Generating 2 x responsive websites and 1 landing page that consist of the following:

  • Jolan Face Clinic
  • Jolan Microblading
  • Landing page for users to enter their information regarding booking enquiries


Before generating qualified leads, we needed to make sure the website and landing page were functionable with a clear structure on their treatments, pricing options and how to make a booking through their form.

Flexible Payment Options
As a way of relieving the anxiety for users to spend the total costs for each treatment, Jolan provides payment plans which can be consolidated in multiple ways due to the flexible payment provider.

In order to display this information as easily as possible, we provided a ‘View Full Price Guide’ pop up, alongside the option to download the full price menu PDF.

Facebook Ads
Once we finished building the websites & landing page, we set up dynamic Meta ads targeting audiences within the localities of their 7 clinics, interested in microblading and a custom audience of their current client database for Facebook to find lookalikes.

We also utilised an offer during Black Friday to generate as much attention to the ads that were directed to an internal form.

The Results

As a result of the implemented changes, our efforts achieved:


Qualified Leads (in 5 days)


Cost Per Lead


Conversion Uplift



Categories: Social Ads, Website
Author: Visual-Pixel Digital
Client: Jolán Face Clinic
Date: December 9, 2023