SparkSync LMS

The Focus

Sparksync spealise in tailored leadership training including programs crafted to meet the needs of organisations in Africa. These sessions are aimed to inspire and empower leaders to drive positive change and achieve sustainable growth in diverse environments.

They also provide online courses to develop teams within the UK across various sectors such as Health & Safety, Health & Social Care, Business Skills, Hospitality Training and Mental Health & Wellbeing. However their old website was not showcasing enough of their online courses and brand reputation was heavily on the leadership training in Africa.

Specifically our objective was to:

1. Rebrand & modernise website
2. Focus on online courses
3. Generate payment gateways

The Strategy

Over the course of a month, we prioritized the following:


Sparksync already hosted a bank of online courses however it wasn’t easy to find on the previous site. We therefore categorised all of their courses which could be easily filtered, including a search bar to find popular courses via keywords.

Payment Gateway
The previous site was redirecting course information to a third party site where the user would be purchasing the courses externally from Sparksync which we didn’t need to maintain as a user journey, so we created the course informaiton with a payment gateway to purchase these courses straight from the Sparksync website.

Psychometrics Tests
We developed a Personality Profile which opens the door to self-understanding, understanding others and improving your interactions with others as a result. Those others could be team members, customers, suppliers or other contacts; dealing with anyone is easier when you understand them.

Key features:
✔ Understand yourself, understand others and improve interactions
✔ Illuminating self-discovery
✔ Simple, everyday language
✔ Perfect starting point for teambuilding
✔ Many applications to improve interactions and relationships

The Results

As a result of the implemented changes, our efforts achieved:


Happy Clients


Online Courses Booked


Workshop Events

Category: Website
Author: Visual-Pixel Digital
Client: Sparksync Courses
Date: April 26, 2024