Nutec Space Wrap Foil Insulation

The Focus

Nutec Insulations specialises in loft insulations using spray foam, however a few problems raised by customers that using foam as an insulator can lead to condensation and dampness within the home, causing roof decay and therefore a friction for such service. Therefore they’ve evolved the product using multi-foil insulation caled ‘Nutec Space Wrap’. The thick foil sheets circulate air flow and retain heat within your attic, keeping your house warm in the winter and save on energy bills.

Specifically our objective was to:

1.Design a Space Wrap logo
2. Create a website + landing page
3. Generate leads via advertising

The Strategy

Over the course of a month, we prioritized the following:

Brand Building

As this was a brand new company, VP-Digital were tasked to create a logo that represented the name ‘Space Wrap’. The story behind ‘space’ was the multi-foil technology was originally used by NASA engineers, and later down the line worked well for home insulations.

The client was enthusiastic to create a space themed logo, however we wanted to also show elements of foil so that it wasn’t too lost in the theme. We sat the logo on a black background with an orbit line featuring underneath the title and made the ‘A’ a foil-like texture to symbolise the insulated material.

Website + Landing Page
Once the logo was designed, it helped theme out the website, making it functionable for form enquiries and calls requesting a free quote for their home insulation.

In additional, we built a strong, compelling landing page that streamlined the user journey and prompted users towards filling in the form which we’d direct paid traffic towards to generate conversions.

Facebook Ads
Once we finished building the websites & landing page, we set up dynamic Meta ads targeting audiences who have either recently moved home, interested in energy sufficiencies and looking to insulate their loft.

We also used a video campaign on meta and traffic campaign via Google Ads to retarget, segmenting users who haven’t enquired but visited the site as a remind to request a free quote.

The Results

As a result of the implemented changes, our efforts achieved:


Qualified Leads


Cost Per Lead


Monthly Bookings



Categories: Design, PPC, Social Ads, Website
Author: Visual-Pixel Digital
Client: Nutec Space Wrap
Date: February 29, 2024