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Paid social media has become the most influential and important virtual space where 59% of the world’s population are currently using these platforms, not only for networking, but for digitally advertising brands and products. Elevate your brand and drive new business with an effective social media strategy, designed to raise awareness, build connections, and boost your bottom line. Our strategic mission consists of the following:

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Paid Social Platforms

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Facebook Advertising

Lead generation – creating lead generation campaigns via social ads or form optimisation, designed to capture qualitative data and reach the right people at the right place and time.

Remarketing – Facebook retargeting has a 70% conversion rate after a user has engaged with your website or landing page. In addition to that we can use this data to find more lookalike audiences and increase volumes.

Dynamic Product Ads – We create personalised ads for e-commerce sites, reminding users to complete their purchase such as outstanding items in their basket, getting them over the line.

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Instagram Paid Advertising

Boosted stories – Over 500 million active Instagram Stories with 70% of users watch these stories daily. We use engaging, shareable content to target audiences and drive the talking point for your brand.

Competitions – Creating time sensitive posts such as sales promotions or prize giveaways help users share content through hashtags and tagging friends to boost page followers as well as brand recognition.

Influencer Strategy –  Influencer Marketing is the new ‘word-of-mouth.’ Visual-Pixel also partners with influencers tailored to your specific marketing campaigns projecting the right tone of voice for your business.

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LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

B2B platform – LinkedIn offers a unique platform consisting of B2B professionals which will be of most value for B2B advertisers. As LinkedIn is predominantly a business network, we can take real advantage of this space.

High-targeted demographics – Categories such as job title, seniority, company size and scale, industry, location, education level and connections allow you to reach the most accurate audiences tailored to your business needs.

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TikTok Advertising

New-age platform – Dominated by millennials and Gen-Z users, Tik Tok generating over 1 billion average monthly users can’t go unnoticed. Especially for content creators who are interested in specific products with a large following which will help your e-commerce strategy.

Creative freedom – Tik Tok’s platform allows creators to express themselves, bringing more brand personality rather than corporate promotion. Our strategy is to cater to the latest trends, increasing exposure to brands, products and services which contributes to the overall success.

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Social Media Campaigns

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At Visual-Pixel our mission is to create engaging social media ads that drive results at a low cost for a high return. Our team of social experts specialise in omni-channel strategies across the following platforms:

Furthermore, we create sophisticated reports, bespoke to our happy clients that pull the important stats from your social accounts which has allowed us to achieve the following:

What We Do

Page Growth

Increase page followers for your business, improving organic engagement and returning visitors.

Hashtag Strategy

Creating the most popular and relevant hashtags to create exposure to the right people talking about similar products.

Competitor Targeting

Advertise to followers of competitors, who share interests in your industry with intent to boost market share.

Paid Social Media Strategy

Whether it’s maximising exposure, brand validation or ROI, we create the right campaign tailored to your needs.

Pixel Tracking

Data-driven advertising with the help of pixel tracking provides insights to tailor the right message for your audience.

Creative Design

Our team of creatives produce campaigns of the highest quality from product photography to video ads.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

A social media strategy is your most vital preparation – a plan outlining both the details of your campaign and your objectives. These strategies typically tie in with your business’ objectives and take into consideration your target market audience segments, but can include any details you deem relevant to establishing or building upon your very own social media empire.

When creating an effective social media marketing strategy, our specialists combine data science with platform expertise to conduct in-depth research surrounding the behaviour of your target audience, the presence of your competitors across social media, and your business itself, before working to establish specific, relevant, and attainable goals.

Want to find out more about how we could develop a standout social media strategy on your behalf? Get in touch today!

Social media, when used to its full potential, is an incredibly powerful tool – not just for individuals, but also for brands. It provides the perfect platform upon which companies of all shapes and sizes can establish, build, and amplify their brand voice, reaching users across the world with relevant, engagement-boosting, and loyalty-increasing content. Though it may seem like the only tangible metrics a popular online account can bring to a brand are likes and comments, social media is a truly burgeoning lead-gen and sales tool, driving both first-time and repeat purchases/conversions through relationship marketing, brand awareness, and targeted promotion. Many social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, now offer ‘buy’ buttons and direct selling options, increasing direct, immediate conversion rates.

Social media can be a brilliant tool for lead generation – but what exactly is lead gen? In the context of social media, this phrase refers to a number of activities undertaken with the intent of creating leads – or explicit lines of contact with potential customers – including (but not limited to) the promotion of lead magnets such as papers and free tools, the development and management of targeted ads, social listening, and the launch of remarketing campaigns.

All of the above tactics should contribute data to a list of prospective customers ready for further interaction or communication.

As our name suggests, VP-Digital specialises in lead generation. If you’re looking to optimise your social media strategy for lead generation but aren’t sure where to start, get in touch with our specialists for further guidance, or to discuss your wider digital marketing ambitions.

As with many digital marketing related questions, the answer to what your exact social media marketing budget should be is ‘it depends’, particularly when it comes to agency costs – after all, everyone’s rates are different. You’ll need to take into consideration what exactly you’d like to achieve with your campaign, which services you’d like to utilise (e.g. paid vs unpaid, multi-channel vs single platform), and what calibre of agency you’d like to work with – amongst a whole list of other points to confirm – before settling on a budget and reaching out to agencies.

VP-Digital’s social media marketing services are designed to ensure that your budget is used in the most effective way possible. Whether you’re looking for a cost-savvy, fully optimised paid ads campaign or a global multi-channel effort, our specialists will use your budget to the best of their abilities, discussing your goals and limits in detail before working to develop and implement an effective social media marketing strategy that’s tailored to your business requirements.

For many, social media marketing is most often more than ‘worth it’, proving an invaluable tool for those looking to build, establish, or maintain their business’ online presence.

Social media offers both organic and paid marketing formats to suit products, businesses, and services of all types, with many platforms offering facilities for advanced targeting, ensuring that your business is seen by just the right people at just the right time. With the average person spending over 2 hours on social media every day, apps and websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest offer unmissable opportunities to build relationships between your customers and brand.

That said, when contemplating investing in a social media marketing strategy, you should always consider your audience’s behaviour, intent, and used platforms. In the case of some businesses, platforms such as LinkedIn may prove more fruitful than Instagram and TikTok.

Looking to devise an effective social media marketing strategy, but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with VP Digital’s experts today.