Cloud7 Restaurant

The Focus

Cloud7 is a beautiful modern cafe restaurant that was originally branched in Hornsey, Watford and Edgware but the main focus is now Edgware. They are best known for their brunches but the owner’s objective was target the local customers of Edgware. C7 has a good turnout when it comes to breakfast/brunch hours with the younger generation visiting occassionally for Instagram, but this wasn’t frequent enough and he was lacking in his dinner service.

We realised that his branding was heavily on the brunch menu but needed more awareness that they’re a restaurant who host dinner services which will attract the local market of Edgware with a more traditional menu to dine in with friends and family.

Specifically our objective was to:

1. Rebrand Cloud7 Restaurant
2. Push the Dinner + Brunch Menu
3. Target Local Edgware

The Strategy

Over the course of a month, we prioritized the following:

Making sure we had the assets ready, Cloud7 took us through a concept menu for brunch and dinner (mainly focused on dinner) to see whether the food would appeal to the local market.

As it’s a cafe restaurant that sits within a middle-eastern area, we focused the menu on traditional dishes such as Lamb Shank, Seabass, ‘The Perfect Duo’ which contians either chicken or lamb shawarma.

Facebook Ads
Once we finished developing the menu with new dishes and fresh image assets for the restaurant and website, we set up dynamic Meta ads targeting audiences who are interested in middle-eastern cuisine, like to dine in with friends and family in the local and surrounding areas of Edgware.

The ad traffic campaign heavily relied on the dinner menu to break away from the stigma that Cloud7 is just a brunch cafe area and you can also dine with friends or family in the evenings. The hero products were the Seabass, Lamb Shank and Shawarma but we later realised that these items can limit our target audience’s preferences and therefore optimised the campaign to include more dinner menu items including burgers which have a wider appeal.

The user journey drove traffic to the booking pages, making sure that they can also see the current menu and a gallery showcasing more food items, including the booking widget that’s integrated to Cloud7’s reservation terminal.

The Results

As a result of the implemented changes, our efforts achieved:


Link Clicks


Cost Per Link Click


Monthly Bookings



Category: Social Ads
Author: Visual-Pixel Digital
Client: Cloud7 Restaurant
Date: April 26, 2024