Therapy with Divina

The Focus

Wellness coach, therapist and mental health educator Divina Vyas was looking to elevate her business in many ways. Aside from providing counselling sessions, she launched her own brand consisting of therapy journals & notepads and wanted her website to reflect more of the brand ‘Therapy with Divina’ as well as being an information site.

Specifically our objective was to:

1. Develop a branded website
2. Function to sell merchandise
3. Increase consultation bookings

The Strategy

Over the course of 2 months, we prioritized the following:


Generating a responsive website that was themed around her brand, inspired by designs on her business cards and merchandise. There was also a lot of information that we wanted to keep visitors engaged, so we broke down the information into digestible chunks, included imagery to reflect each service and for workshops we curated video content that explained the modules within each workshop, which opened an opportunity to drive more traffic and brand awareness via YouTube.

Created an add-to-cart E-Commerce experience to the website, allowing users to shop for each item, highlighting sales to promote offers and an ordering function to help Divina keep track of orders, returns and delivery fees.

Improve business results by creating an online booking feature to the website, using Calendly to create an easy experience aside from the contact form, where users can make an appointment by seeing Divinas Calendar online and arranging a time slot for a consultation. We featured this using a floating button that’s on show to the users throughout the page as well as an on-page section featuring the calendar widget.

The Results

As a result of the implemented changes, our efforts achieved:


Conversion Rate


Increased Product Sales


New Site Visitors


Increased Site Retention

Categories: CRO, Therapy, Website
Author: Visual-Pixel Digital
Client: Therapy with Divina
Date: July 6, 2022